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Ian Connor
Ian Connor@ianconnorsrevenge via Instagram

Ian Connor is under investigation for sexual assault

After the stylist and Kanye West muse was accused of rape last week, police confirm that the claim is being looked into

Last Friday, stylist, Kanye West muse and A$AP Mob member Ian Connor was accused of rape by a woman named Malika Anderson. Anderson, who is a student at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, made the accusations in a blog post titled “Ian Connor Is a Rapist, and I Know Firsthand”. In the post, she provided a detailed account of a sexual assault which allegedly took place on October 5, 2014. 

Anderson accused the 23-year-old of pressuring her into oral sex, before penetrating her without her consent. “I didn’t want to call it rape but I also couldn’t call it consensual sex because I had already told him I didn’t want to have sex with him and he took advantage of me being in a position in which he could penetrate me anyway when I wasn’t looking. It was diabolical,” she writes, before alleging that this experience had resulted in her contracting gonorrhea. 

While it was initially understood that Anderson didn’t have enough evidence and that the case had been closed, Broadly reported yesterday evening (April 13) that “(a) precinct source has confirmed that the investigation into the assault claim is still active”. The website also obtained an incident report for an alleged sexual assault from the DeKalb County Police Department in Georgia, which is consistent with Anderson’s blog post.

Anderson also wrote she was “not the only one”, “just one of the only ones who is telling my story”. Since Friday, another woman, musician Jean Deaux, has made similar accusations against Connor. Writing in a blog post titled “For Malika”, Deaux accused him of raping her three times in one night in 2013. 

Today, Connor denied these allegations, tweeting “I Ian Conor (sic) Am Not A Rapist Nor Do I Condone Rape In Any Shape or Form, I Don’t Respect Liars Nor Forced Situations. Please Be Real.” He also tweeted, “You Can Literally Hate Me but Please Base My Life Off Facts Rather Than Assumption or Conclusion.”

Social media responses to Connor’s alleged actions have been mixed. On Twitter, many people have voiced solidarity with Anderson using the hashtag #IStandWithMalika, while others have pointed to the long history of black men who have been falsely accused of sexual assault.

We have reached out to Ian Connor for comment.