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courtesy of Instagram/@kanyewest

Kanye West has released more promotion for his new project, Yandhi

Mocked up iMessage billboards feature the title and release date

Kanye West has been flooding his Instagram with seemingly anything he fancies lately, from campaign images, to family snaps and short videos in which he “can just be Ye and express how he feels”. Perhaps the most interesting posts, though, have been the ones sharing iMessage conversations he’s been having on topics ranging from merch ideas to social media likes (which he messaged about with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey).

Now, though, Kanye has taken the iMessage template and blown it up (literally) to promote his new project, sharing mockups of billboards featuring nothing but its title and release date in a message bubble.

Though it’s unclear what form Yandhi will take – EP, mixtape, or full studio album – the date is set for September 29, which the rapper already revealed in a post earlier in the week (September 18). The release will coincide with a slot on SNL: Kanye’s seventh appearance on the show.