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Charli XCX
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Charli XCX yelling at her audience inspired Twitter’s most wholesome meme


Remember when “I Love It” was a hit, back in 2012? It seemed like it was literally everywhere – but perhaps it wasn’t in Germany. When Charli XCX performed it at Melt festival in 2013, she was shocked to see the crowd have a less-than-enthusiastic response to her collaboration with the Swedish duo Icona Pop.

From that moment, we have the beautiful gift of this video of an amped-up and pissed off Charli yelling at her static crowd, “Do you know this fucking song?... I thought this fucking song was big in Germany!” And because the internet is the internet, the five-year-old clip recently went viral on Twitter. 

And again, because the internet is the internet, Charli’s annoyance is now a meme.

Numerous Twitter users have used her phrase “Do you know this fucking song?” to indulge their music nostalgia, posting it alongside long lost tunes, 90s TV show soundtracks, viral YouTube videos and even High School Musical revivals. It’s a wholesome trip down memory lane, and we’re here for it. Scroll down for some of our personal favourites.