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Kong_packshot_Neneh_Cherry_credit_ Wolfgang_Tillma
photography Wolfgang Tillmans

Listen to Neneh Cherry’s new single, a response to the refugee crisis

‘Kong’ is produced by Four Tet and Massive Attack’s 3D, with artwork from Wolfgang Tillmans

Musical icon Neneh Cherry played an important role in British protest and pop in the 80s and 90s, moving from Sweden – where she was born in 1964 – to London when she was just 16 and becoming involved in the city’s punk and squatting scene. She’s not stopped protesting since, either; her new single, Kong, references the history of colonialism, alongside Europe’s current refugee crisis.

Every nation seeks its / friends in France & Italy / and all across the seven seas / and goddamn guns and guts and bitter love still put a hole in me,” Cherry sings, inviting the listener to imagine the world of violence and desperation that such refugees seek to escape.

Produced by Four Tet and 3D – of Massive Attack – the song is showcased in a new video by London’s own Jenn Nkiru, who has previously worked on Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “APESHIT”, as well as Kamasi Washington’s latest album, Heaven and Earth. The video snaps back and forth between shots of slow-swaying dancers and Cherry singing, her bare skin spattered with white paint.

Also involved in the Kong project is the acclaimed photographer, and Turner Prize-winner, Wolfgang Tillmans, who shot the single’s artwork.

Listen to Neneh Cherry speak in Dazed and Sonos’ Open House podcast from earlier this year, and watch the new Kong video below.