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Directed by Tommy Cash and Anna-Lisa Himma; effects by Denis Stravhov and Denhov Visuals

Watch Tommy Cash’s super unnerving new video, “Little Molly”

The Estonian rap artist plays different characters in a new self-directed video

Dazed 100 approved Estonian rapper Tommy Cash has has gained attention worldwide for his weirdly brilliant, self-directed visuals. His latest absurd video, “Little Molly”, features his face superimposed on different characters, including a little girl as a figure skater and piano player.

The video was directed and produced by Tommy Cash and Anna-Lisa Himma, who often collaborates with him as art director, and contains his usual queasy blend of shock comedy and uncanny strangeness. His face also appears on a bride and groom, a family in dressed head to toe in Canadian tuxedos, and a class of school children against a portrait photography backdrop – and it's weirdly mesmerising to watch.

The track was produced by felicitaA.G Cook, and Tommy Cash. This isn't the first time Cash has collaborated with Cook; we're looking forward to more collaborations as we await his debut album. Read more here about how his music speaks to a post-Soviet generation.

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