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Tommy Cash


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Tommy Cash rapper Dazed 100
Tommy CashPhotography Jorgen Paabu

The weirdo Estonian rapper is speaking to a generation of post-Soviet youth

LocationTallinn, Estonia

Tommy Cash’s music videos have been going viral thanks to their absurdist imagery and depraved sense of humour, but there’s much more to the Estonian rapper than shock comedy. Though his methods might seem crude, Cash uses his platform to confront uncomfortable prejudices, and is a champion of inclusivity, sexual freedom, and body positivity.

With his skinny frame, crooked teeth, and pencil-thin moustache, Cash may seem like an unusual star, but his ‘post-Soviet rap’ has spread rapidly across eastern Europe and found a dedicated audience in a younger generation who came of age after the dissolution of the USSR.

He’s increasingly making inroads in the west too, selling out shows across Europe, touring with Charli XCX after dropping a guest feature on her hypermodern POP 2 mixtape, and collaborating with members of London’s PC Music crew. Currently recording his debut studio album, we’re excited to see him bring his hip-hop from Tallinn to the world.

Selim Bulut