Drake’s new video is all about Drake being charitable

Like the ‘Surprise Surprise’ of rap, ‘God's Plan’ shows the rapper springing wads of cash and other gifts on his fans

On Instagram on February 15, Drake heralded his new video – for the bass-heavy loosie “God’s Plan” – the “most important thing I have ever done in my career.” Today, he’s revealed why. A series of subtitles at the beginning of the clip (presented by Director X and directed by Karena Evans) claim that the entire budget for the video was $996,631.90, and that Drake gave it all away. What ensues is a heartstring-tugging sequence of Drake surprising families, schools, and other institutions (including a women’s shelter) with wads of cash and giant cheques, like a kind of hip hop Cilla Black. In one scene, he emulates 1980s UK TV staple Supermarket Sweep, standing up on a checkout and telling everyone inside a store to take whatever they want home for free. He’s one pastel sweater short of being Dale Winton.

A more cynical person than me might point out that this video clearly cost a little more than nothing to make. An even more cynical person might suggest that filming yourself doing altruistic deeds, and then releasing it as promotional material for yourself, is not really altruistic at all, in the sense that true altruism is totally selfless. But never mind all that – you’d have to have a truly cold, grey heart not to raise a smile when you see Drake literally handing gifts to toddlers. Plus, some truly worthy causes got a hefty donation, so what do I care? I’m probably just bitter that Drake didn’t knock on my door with one of those giant cheques.