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Sega Bodega
Sega Bodega

Hear Sega Bodega rescore Requiem For A Dream

The Glasgow producer tackles the music of Darren Aronofsky’s cult film in the first of a series of reimagined film trailer soundtracks

Sega Bodega’s music is defined by its unusual and intricate sound design and obtuse, futuristic club rhythms. But there’s another side to his musical personality, too – his love of soundtracks. It can be heard in his Soundtrack Series show on NTS Radio, where for an hour a month, the Glasgow producer dedicates a broadcast entirely to musical scores, most notably his three-part special focusing on the singular sound world of Studio Ghibli.

SS (2017), out November 10, is a nine-track mixtape of original compositions inspired by classic cinema. It’s made up of all-new original material made by Sega to rescore film trailers – longtime fans of the producer’s work will be familiar with its similar first instalment, SS (2015), which reimagined music for movies like AkiraEraserhead, and A Clockwork Orange. “The project serves as a total restart on creativity for me,” Sega says. “It forces me to reject regular timing and a typical structure or approach I would normally take to producing.”

The first taste of SS (2017) is the rescored “Requiem” – after Darren Aronofsky’s classic cult film – which actually dates back to the original 2015 release. “I wasn’t clicking with it and things weren't flowing for it to be a part of the first series,” he continues. “Shygirl also had this verse that I had been dying to use for something and it (without meaning to) had a strong correlation between the themes in Requiem for a Dream.”

Check out both the full track and Sega’s version of the trailer here, and read on for the full tracklist of new scores.

Sega Bodega – SS (2017) tracklist

01. Requiem (feat. Shygirl)
02. Aliens
03. Ghost
04. Begotten
05. Stalker
06. Pi
07. X
08. Dogtooth
09. Tree Of Life