Immerse yourself in The Knife’s live concert film

The Swedish electronic group drop a colourful, expansively theatrical visual that traces some of the last moments of their final tour from 2014

After three Knife-less years, Swedish electronic duo The Knife had been slowly teasing their huge fanbase with mysterious video snippets, hinting at a comeback. Today, the band released the live film tracing their final tour back in 2014, when they were promoting their last album, Shaking the Habitual.

The one hour and 19 minute-long visual, titled Shaking the Habitual: Live at Terminal 5 sees Olof Dreijer and Karin Dreijer at the height of their final international tour in the New York venue, and is available to stream on YouTube. The film captures a colourful, extravagant staging, with a legion of dancers in costumes and a thumping, theatrical performance. It explores their expansion from a duo into an 11-piece dance troupe for their tour. The run of gigs saw the band unpacking the nature of electronic music performances – instead of playing a conventional series of live shows, the band danced on-stage to backing tracks while pretending to play bespoke instruments created by designer Bella Rune.

Photographer Alexa Vachon captured their last days, and her portraits will populate the pages of their photobook. Rune’s instruments will be auctioned off starting from August 30, with the proceeds going to the No One Is Illegal network, a charity that supports people who are forced to live undocumented if they’ve had their aslyum applications refused.

Today (September 1) also sees the release of their photobook and live album – though it’s more than likely you won’t be able to stream it. Released through their label Rabid, it’s unavailable in the UK and Ireland, Asia, and North and South America, thanks to a distribution dispute that hasn’t been patched up.

The Knife announced their split in 2014 via Dazed, in their ‘final’ interview, they detail: “We will close down, it’s our last tour. We don’t have any obligations to continue.” Speaking to Pitchfork recently about the film, the band didn’t rule out new music in the future, with Dreijer asserting, “The Knife is one of our projects that we work with, and when we feel like it, we make music... (There are currently no plans to make music as The Knife), but we never know.”

Nevertheless, you can get your fix with the full live film below.