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The Knife
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Are The Knife making a comeback?

Two cryptic, bizarre food-focused videos have appeared on the band’s social channels, three years after their split

The Knife waved goodbye to fans back in 2014 with a final show in Iceland. Both Olof Dreijer and Karin Dreijer’s solo projects (Oni Ayhun and Fever Ray respectively) have kept relatively quiet in the years since, but some activity has been bubbling on The Knife’s Facebook page, begging the question: are they actually back?

Two mysterious videos have been shared on the art rock band’s Facebook page, and their profile picture has been updated with a new graphic. One brief visual sees a cheery candy being sliced in half with a knife. Another clip, titled ‘Mother of Knives Cooking Class’ illustrates a surrealist, stomach-churning cooking class, to the sound of “Networking” from their last album Shaking the Habitual

The Knife announced their split in 2014, telling Dazed in their ‘final’ interview: “We will close down, it’s our last tour. We don’t have any obligations to continue.”

Though we’ve been pretty much Knife-less in the last few years, Karin released the solo track “Lives Worth Grieving” in 2016 for a porn documentary soundtrack.

Let’s hope there’s more stuff to come, ASAP.