Watch Mac DeMarco chill with Death in ‘One Another’ video

The Grim Reaper swings by to watch E.T with Mac

Everyone’s lols best mate Mac DeMarco recently dropped his sun-dappled, cool and reflective third album This Old Dog. Now, the Canadian musician has released a video for the album track “One Another”, a visual that sees him get matey with the Grim Reaper.

The goofy video, written and directed by collaborator and bassist Pierce McGarry, sees Mac jam in the backyard with his band. He then invites Death into his house for a tour and they spend some time watching E.T on his laptop, chill hangs. Flashing forward to his deathbed, he once again meets with the Reaper.

“You still over there Death? My time has come. Come here Death, I guess I’m just an old dog now. Come on Death – do me in,” Old Mac says.

“How ‘bout we just rock, one more time?” Death asks. 

When he’s not on a quest to find a fan club assistant proficient in “dank memes”, Mac and his band have been on the road touring. He was recently joined on stage by Stranger Things and Dazed 100 winner Finn Wolfhard, and stripped off on the Primavera stage at the weekend for a stellar show.

“Maybe making the record is the conversation,” he recently told Dazed about his new LP, in which he contemplates a strained relationship with his father. “I have no idea. I’ll probably get some weird phone calls from my family but, hey, maybe those phone calls weren’t gonna come unless I made it”

Watch the “One Another” video above.