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Mac DeMarco
Photography by Maya Fuhr, Styling by Sabrina Deslauriers

Mac DeMarco is hiring an assistant

Applicants must send a CV, cover letter and their ‘dankest Mac meme or Mac related gif’

“For the last time,” says your mum, now beginning to cry: “You can’t put memes as a qualification. You’re 25 years old. Please, just get a job out and move out.” Well, the joke’s on you, mum, because it turns out an expertise in memes and gifs is a desirable trait for employers – if the employer in question is Mac DeMarco.

As Stereogum point out, the Canadian lite rocker is looking a (paid!) assistant to join the team at the Mac DeMarco Fan Club in Brooklyn. The advertisement, posted on his website, states that candidates must be New York-based and have a “great attention to detail”, along with experience in Mailchimp, WordPress and iMovie. You can apply by sending over a CV, cover let and your “dankest Mac meme or Mac related gif.” See, all of those years wasted online at the expense of seeing friends and loved ones wasn’t wasted at all.

The position at DeMarco HQ comes less than a month after Chance the Rapper tweeted that he was looking for an intern to help with putting together “decks and proposals”.

DeMarco’s third full-length album – titled This Old Dog – is due to drop on May 5 via Captured Tracks. In the meantime, make up a couple of good references and get straight to that meme generator you bought from the app store for £3.99 last year – this is your future on the line, after all.

Listen to “This Old Dog” below.