Watch M.I.A discuss Trump, racism and the refugee crisis

The ‘Borders’ singer got political during an Oxford Union Q&A

M.I.A has opened up about racism, the refugee crisis and Trump’s first 100 days in a new Q&A session. The 53-minute talk took place at Oxford Union, where the “Borders” singer was invited to discuss her experiences as a Sri Lankan refugee growing up in the UK. 

“Being a refugee was something that, when I started singing, I was really proud of,” she explained. “Now, being a refugee is forever changing. We're still a blob in the world that's kind of faceless. No one is able to say why are these people or why this is happening.”

M.I.A – real name Mathangi ‘Maya’ Arulpragasam – also took the opportunity to criticise Donald Trump, questioning his current cabinet’s lack of transparency. “No matter how smart we are and how much technology we have and all the capabilities, we don’t know who is making the most money out of the war industry,” she added. 

The singer has previously been very outspoken about the US president, dissing him in a track released earlier this year, and tweeting in March that his team “showed signs” of mental disorders. “Psychopathic behaviour traits should be analysed in schools” she wrote back in March. “You know trumps office shows signs. They r pathological liers (sic). All politicians should go through vetting for psychopathic behaviour traits.”

Watch M.I.A.’s full Oxford Union Q&A above.