Watch M.I.A. take aim at Donald Trump in ‘P.O.W.A’ video

The singer also namechecks Rihanna, Madonna and Mariah Carey

M.I.A. has released her self-directed video for “P.O.W.A”, the latest since her fifth album A.I.M dropped in September.

The musician tweeted the lyrics to track: “I’m not Rihanna / I’m not Madonna / I’m not Mariah / Or Ariana.” The sharp-tongued lyrics then continue on: “I’m been around in this world causing drama/The real spice girl, hot girl power.”

Throw up my finger and I’m taking on the Trump Tower and super-kala fascist racist espi-ala-tazors,” she declares in the politically-charged track.

The video, directed by the Sri-Lankan musician, sees a wave of young men moving as one in front of a red wall – a potential reference to Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall on the Mexican border. Elsewhere, the artist reclines on a bed of flowers in the back of a truck, and walks along a huge mountain face. “P.O.W.A” is very much in keeping with M.I.A.'s visual and musical output: her powerful video for “Borders” previously tackled the European refugee crisis.

M.I.A. said last year that A.I.M was most likely her last record as she considered retiring from music. Earlier this week it was announced that M.I.A. would be curating this year’s Meltdown festival. Following previous curators like Patti Smith, David Byrne and David Bowie, the artist said of the event: “For me this Meltdown will be about putting on a musical week that shows different types of music which have inspired each other to exist. Genres that support other genres, redefining the concept of a melting pot. Respect the history, don’t live in it. I plan to bring together music’s best forward thinkers who have contributed to all our lives. When music acts as inspiration, it’s boundary-less.”

The musician also recently revealed that it was “dangerous” to shoot a video with Zayn Malik for their track “Freedun” in India. She told OK: “It was dangerous to have Zayn come to Kashmir (because) he's half-Pakistani and I couldn't get a visa to the US at the time. There was so much bureaucracy.”

Watch the video for “P.O.W.A” above.