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M.I.A.’s new album finally has a release date

After threatening to leak it earlier this week, the rapper has revealed that her fifth album A.I.M. will be out in September, with new single ‘Go Off’ due tomorrow

M.I.A.’s forthcoming new album finally has a release date – as well as a new name.

Yesterday, the rapper shared the lyrics for “Go Off”, a new single that she recorded with Skrillex. The single is due for release tomorrow (July 14th), and earlier today M.I.A. updated her website with a piece of text by writer Sinthujan Varatharajah (who’d previously written about M.I.A.’s “Borders” video) discussing the treatment of asylum seekers, as Pitchfork report.

“Survivors of war, conflict and genocide live on as IDPs and refugees, dispersed across their homelands and the globe... Their narratives are construed as exchangeable, mutable and nuisance while their bodies are considered collateral damage. Survivors are treated as a surplus people whose very presence destabilises the status quo, whose voices unsettle the known.”

The text ends with the words “GO OFF First single on the 15.7.16 and AIM 9/9”, and a representative for M.I.A. has since confirmed to Pitchfork that the album will indeed be called A.I.M. and will be released on September 9th.

A.I.M. was originally set to be titled Matahdatah when it was first announced last year. In the months since then, M.I.A. has expressed frustration with her label’s handling of the release. Earlier this week she tweeted that she was “on the verge” of leaking the record. Is this what forced them to finally give it a release date?

Keep your eyes peeled for “Go Off” when it’s released tomorrow. In the meantime, check out M.I.A.’s new artwork below.