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M.I.A.Courtesy of H&M

M.I.A. is ‘on the verge’ of leaking her new album

The rapper also says that ‘big American artists’ have taken ideas from her forthcoming fifth album before it’s even been released

M.I.A. has once again threatened to leak her forthcoming fifth album (set to be titled Matahdatah), writing on Twitter that she is “on the verge” of putting it online.

Earlier this year, the rapper previewed a new track, “Finally”, in a Periscope chat with fans, and said that she’d happily leak her album if she didn’t want to maintain a decent relationship with her label. “I would do that,” she said, “But I also want to find an album where I can actually make my label work for me.”

Today, however, it looks that the relationship has soured. Over a couple of tweets she talked about leaking the record, and also expressed frustration that some of the ideas from the album have been used by other artists before the general public have even had a chance to hear it. “I hate it when big American artists take from me and my work and refugee sentiments from my work before it’s released”.

This isn’t the first time that M.I.A. has experienced problems with her label. Elsewhere in the Periscope talk she seemed to pre-empt the lack of interest from her label, Interscope, in her work. “Remember my album when they bury it and say that it’s shit or I didn’t work hard enough or I didn’t care about you,” she said, “Just remember I made one.”

See her tweets below.