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Dr Luke Kesha

Sony music ditches Dr Luke amid battle with Kesha

The producer is no longer CEO of Kemosabe records, suggesting that Sony is attempting to maintain distance from the ongoing court battle over sexual abuse allegations

Kesha has been embroiled in a battle for freedom across two years, facing up against producer Dr Luke in court where she alleged prolonged sexual abuse, and has campaigned to be set free from her contract with Sony. News has just emerged that Sony has cut ties with Dr Luke, ending their seven-year relationship with him as the founder of imprint Kemosabe Records.

As The Cut reports, the most recent court movement saw Kesha’s lawyers argue that Dr Luke’s contract with Sony was almost over, asserting that it leaves Kesha’s future and career in limbo. Her lawyers are attempting to have her contract with the label dissolved. A judge responded to this, saying that it was “speculative”.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Dr Luke is no longer Kemosabe’s CEO, and he’s been removed from the Sony website. A court document from last week detailed that Kemosabe Records was “wholly-owned by Sony Music Entertainment. Lukasz Gottwald is no longer the CEO... and does not have authority to act on its behalf”. It’s not yet certain how this could affect Kesha’s case, or Dr Luke’s case of defamation against Kesha. The producer is currently suing the singer, claiming that she has pursued him to damage his career. THR notes this news could actually strengthen his ongoing case.

A judge in New York threw out Kesha’s case to end her contract in April last year, but she’s continued to pursue it with other routes, including a case in California. In February, the singer released emails that she claimed backed up her allegations of abuse against Dr Luke. It was also recently revealed that Dr Luke is planning to sue Kesha for texts she had sent to Lady Gaga about the sexual assault allegations, claiming defamation.