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Lorde wears all clothes by Calvin Klein CollectionPhotography Ryan McGinley, styling Robbie Spencer

Listen to Lorde’s three newest songs

Coachella fans got a taste of ‘Sober’, ‘Homemade Dynamite’ and ‘Melodrama’, offering an insight into the album’s explosive sound

To an audience of 244 people at a saloon in Pioneertown, California over the weekend, Lorde debuted two new songs off of Melodrama. She may have been over 50 miles from the flower-crowned mayhem at Coachella, but she purposefully chose a more intimate gig to reveal what she’s been working on since 2013’s Pure Heroine. The two songs were “Sober”, an upbeat percussion-heavy tune, and “Melodrama” – the title track from her upcoming album. During her Coachella set Sunday, she played a third, unheard track – “Homemade Dynamite”.

She also spoke about the conception of the album, which documents a single night out. “It’s a record about all of the ups and downs of being twenty-something,” she told crowds in attendance Sunday. “Specifically, all of the ups and downs of an evening. So we spend a lot of time going out, as you do. I was struck by all of the facets of an evening, whether it’s the moment when you’re with all your friends and it’s sick! Everyone’s there, even that person who usually leaves. They’re still there. Maybe the drugs are just kicking in, I dunno,” she jokes. “And then half an hour later you could be in the bathroom like, ‘Oh my God! I look like a crime scene!’ It’s the dichotomy of those two things that I’m interested in.”

With “Green Light”, “Liability” and these three new tracks, Melodrama is shaping up to be a stronger, poppier record than her debut. While we have to wait until June to hear the album in its entirety, you can snack on “Sober”, “Homemade Dynamite” and “Melodrama” below.