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Grimes Art Angels Tumblr
Grimes ‘Venus Fly’ artworkArtwork by Grimes via

Grimes starts Instagram account for visual art

The musician’s new @grimesartofficial account collects ‘fan art + my art + general grimes visual art related stuffs’

Besides writing, producing, performing, and engineering all of her albums, Grimes also creates the visual universe of her albums: she directs all her own music videos, and even shares illustrations for every track on 2015’s Art Angels on her Tumblr.

Now, she’s launched an Instagram dedicated entirely to visual art, where she’s posting not just her own illustrations, but also the “sick fan art” she’s sent by fans. Currently the account is showcasing a mixture of fan art, gig posters, and tattoo designs, and in future fans can tag @grimesartofficial when they post fanart on their own accounts if they want Grimes to repost it.

Check out some of the posts below and follow the account here.