Teach yourself the drums in Georgia’s new video

The UK pop experimentalist’s new video ‘Feel It’ encourages a new generation of drummers to ‘pick up their sticks and play’

“I play drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, piano, kora – and I sing,” Georgia told Dazed in 2015. And, on her brand new solo cut “Feel It”, the multi-instrumentalist and producer is hoping to encourage a new generation of musicians to do the same.

“‘Feel It’ is about when our mind and bodies are consumed by a powerful feeling, and the sense of nobody or anything being able to a/effect or ‘shatter’ it,” Georgia says over email, “I wanted the video to reflect this by getting female drummers of all ages and backgrounds to express what they felt by playing and nobody ‘shattering’ this. We gave them little direction; we wanted to capture the initial emotions they felt when playing. I think in turn we managed to capture a real universal message, that whoever you are or wherever you’re from, we all share rhythm and heightened feelings, and if you are a female drummer: don’t be scared to express yourself, pick up your sticks and play!”

“Feel It” follows a busy year for Georgia. Last year she toured with The Kills, shared a bill with Kendrick Lamar, Blood Orange, and Florence + the Machine at BST Hyde Park, and wrote a song for Chelsea Manning with UK conceptualists Drones Club. This year, she’ll be heading on tour with the Flaming Lips through January, and preparing more new music for release.

The video for “Feel It”, premiering above, comes directed by Raine Allen-Miller, who explains that her goal was “to make a music video that makes every five-year-old girl in the world break her Barbie’s legs and use them as drumsticks.” Watch it above.