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Young Thug’s mum makes him apologise to airline employees

The Jeffery rapper was forced to say sorry to the two black women working at Alaska Airlines, who he called ‘nappy-headed peasants’ who ‘looked African’ and ‘burnt’

Last week, Young Thug faced some major criticism for his abhorrent treatment of two airline employees that was captured on video, who he called “ants”, “nappy-headed peasants” and “bums” who “looked African”. On Twitter, Thugger only continued with a misogynoir-heavy explanation that was supposed to placate the Internet’s wrath, referring to the two women as “burnt”.

“Everybody get mad and say shit... I love the skin I'm in, and I love MY people... the ladies behind the counter was disrespectful too... two sides to every story,” he wrote while responding to the Twitter backlash. On Instagram, he posted a video captioned “African-American I am”.

Now, it seems like sense in the form of the rapper’s mother has prevailed to push Thugger into a concrete apology. In a photo posted to Instagram, Young Thug wrote: “When your mama make u go to the airport and apologise... sorry love ones…”.

The incident initially took place at the airport after he missed his check-in time for his flight to Seattle. Enraged that he would miss a show, the rapper became irate, insulting the two black female employees and offering them $15,000 to quit their jobs.

Fans and people on social media responded accordingly to call out his anti-blackness. “Self hate looks like young thug calling Working Class Black Women nappy while he has fucking dreadlocks!” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Young Thug is trash for that internalised oppressive shit he pulled with those (sic) 2 women. The self hate is real. Fuckin socialised & shameful,” wrote another.

Let’s hope the Jeffery artist’s mum has taught him a serious lesson.