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willow smith
via @willowsmith / Instagram

Listen to Willow Smith’s dreamy new Mellifluous EP

The singer has shared three new ‘transcendental’ tracks on her Soundcloud account

Willow Smith has shared a surprise three-track EP on her Soundcloud account.

The self-produced project is titled Mellifluous, and was released by the 16-year-old singer on Wednesday (December 7). The tracks – which are tagged as “transcendental lullabies” – include “Cave Wall,” “Little Shard,” and “Need to Know”. 

In an Instagram post announcing the EP, Smith described the recordings as “original guitar songs” for “the light eaters”. She also included a definition of the word mellifluous, writing that it was “sweet sounding” and “smoothly flowing”.

The EP comes one month after the singer released her soothing post-election track, “November 9th”, and days after the release of her brother Jaden’s “Fallen” video. Listen in full below.