Watch Gaika’s baptism by a female cult in his latest video

Directed by Father of Awful Records, the new clip is the Brixton singer’s latest offering from his EP Spaghetto

Gaika has dropped a new Atlanta-shot video for his track “Glad We Found It”, which sees the Brixton artist engage in an occult-esque ritual with a female cult. 

The video, directed by Awful Records head honcho Father, is a lo-fi trip through the forest, what seems to be a far cry from the gothic and industrial aesthetic of Gaika's previous work on Security and Machine – though glimmers of darkness do remain, just don't blink. The visuals find Gaika exploring a dreamy, sun-washed forest punctuated by glittering streams and pink autumn leaves. Behind him, a group of women dressed in white watch. “Glad We Found It” culminates in the artist getting baptised by the witchy women.

Speaking about the music video, Father said in a press release that the inspiration came from the film O Brother, Where Art Thou?, in particular, the scene where George Clooney's character encounters three sirens. 

“I wanted to recreate the outward appearance of great beauty, but still give it a sense of warning, indicating that the subject (GAIKA) was in danger, even though he was seemingly in the safe hands of three beautiful women,” explains Father. “We wanted to avoid a typical narrative structure, and focus on mimicking the dark and haunting tone of the track itself visually. Combined with the use of the female siren characters and the open environment of the Georgia woods, we wanted to express themes of isolation, internal struggle, and volatile relationships. Gaika and I first met in Oslo last winter at a music festival.”

“When he reached out to get involved in the project I was instantly intrigued, the track presented an opportunity to operate outside the traditional confines of a ‘rap’ music video – providing a lot of wiggle room for the treatment. Gaika isn't your conventional rap/urban artist, he actively challenges the status quo; I wanted the visual to mirror that,” Father added.

Gaika blends dancehall, trap and grime together to create his own individual sonic experience. He recently dropped his short film Another Hole In Babylon, and projects like his mixtape Security saw him similarly experimenting with an Akira-inspired short film. His latest EP Spaghettofrom which “Glad We Found It” comes from, came out in October. 

This video drop falls on the eve of Gaika's first headline show in London at Corsica Studios on November 30. Support will be from the capital's freshest new offering of hip-hop, duo 808ink