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Listen to GAIKA’s dynamic new EP, SPAGHETTO

The Brixton vocalist and beatmaker drops ‘a collection of love letters to humanity and individuals I’ve loved and lost’

After a whirlwind two years that’s seen him release two mixtapes, an Akira-inspired short film, and sign to Warp Records, south London artist GAIKA has returned with the SPAGHETTO EP. The EP is the first of a three-part audio-visual creative series, to be followed by Act II: Another Hole In Babylon and Act III: Glad We Found It.

GAIKA has drawn attention for his gothic visuals, ruthless ability to blend genre, and the political nature of his music, which criticises the corruption of our current social system while acting as a call to arms for different cultures to come together and continue to push multiculturalism in the face of adversity. 

SPAGHETTO is a collection of love letters to humanity and individuals I’ve loved and lost,” GAIKA says in a press release, “We are one, no matter how much they want to divide us. On some level this collection of songs and images are testament to the bonds we make as outsiders and the decisions we take through living with those bonds. The songs are deeply personal, but I can’t ignore the greater context and want to make sure the complete work exists, not only about my inward experience, but also that of all recent immigrants (and their primary descendants).” 

GAIKA will be taking his show around the world in the coming months, including an exclusive show at London’s Corsica Studios on November 30. Listen to the EP below.