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Can You Can Can

Jerry Bouthier and Mark Moore team up to launch a weekly club night on Thursdays at new venue Cable.

Starting on 4th June at Cable, a new venue in London Bridge, Can Can promises to be the most electrifying new polysexual night in town. The two DJs Jerry Bouthier (Boombox/Ponystep/Kitsne) and Mark Moore (S’Express/Electrogogo) team up become the resident pairing in room one, the second room will be hosted by a revolving selection of established and new talent plucked from the London scene and Europe. The legendary Kashpoint will be the first host for the launch night and will be followed by Nag Nag Nag returning exclusively for Can Can on the 11th of June! Dazed Digital  met Jerry and Mark to talk further more about this exiting new project.

Dazed Digital: You have both been strong figures of London’s nightlife for years now, exactly when and how did you first meet?
Jerry: My brother Tom and I used to DJ together way back and were big S-Express fans from day one. Mark seemed so interesting. A perfect pop star for us because he was a DJ - in Smash Hits, which was new and exciting then with a unique personality. He was a total inspiration... and still is.
Mark: We met properly when we were both playing the wonderful Chuff Chuff parties up north. Actually my brain is not functioning at its full capabilities at the moment… Jerry?
Jerry: One of the things that tied us to start with is when we both realized we both grew up with punk & new wave, as well as funk & hip hop, then house, up to electro... We like music ha ha…

DD: How did you come up with the idea of doing a night together? Is that something you had in mind for a while?
Mark: I asked Jerry if he’d like to spend the night and I think he misheard me!
Jerry: Ha ha, yes something like's a great idea cos we're definitely on a similar wavelength. We like fun, rockin tracks that ooze sexiness & attitude, no less ha ha, but go at it differently…

DD: Cable, the venue, is massive! How different is it to play in pretty intimate parties like Family RIP was compared to massive clubs and warehouses?
Mark: I love a club where you can see the whites of their eyes. Luckily the club is divided into two rooms and an annex room, so it’s not as cavernous as it sounds. On a first visit Cable is like a delightful rabbit warren with all sorts of surprises in random corridors. I still need a map for those various doors and passageways. Massive clubs are always great if you yearn for that Nuremberg rally feeling.
Jerry: In my opinion all clubs are different and somehow you always have to adapt... I would say that it's important to stick to your guns wherever you are. Take some risks. It's not the end of the world if things go wrong, you can pick it up again. As a DJ it's easy to get trapped into whatever people are expecting from you at the time, which can feel uncomfortable. I think it's always worth taking the crowd where they don't expect you to. For me it's one of the greatest feels to be led by a dj not knowing where he's taking me next. I find often female DJs understand this better than men because they're more emotional... and music is also about emotion.

DD: Where does the name Can Can come from?
Mark: From the ambience of Parisian decadence and dressing up during times of hardship. Noah Crutchfield (the 3rd member of the Can Can team) came up with it. We feel it conjures up gaily dancing the night away but rather than fiddling while everything around you burns we have a vision of waking up in a stupor the next day and having coffee with Jean Paul Sartre and Jean Cocteau.
Jerry: Exactly Monsieur knows what he's talking about!

DD: Music wise, what’s the deal at Can Can?
Mark: As Cole Porter says ‘Anything Goes!’. As long as it has a certain glamour we will be playing everything from electro, disco, rock and what we call underground pop. We love a vocal. Might even throw in a few show tunes!
Jerry: Expect the unexpected as we use to say at BoomBox. Life's too short to dress boringly…

DD: Mark – your trademark is a red telephone you use as headphones, can I ask you where did you get it from?
Mark: My friend Eon aka Ian B made it for me. He made classic rave tracks like ‘The Spice Must Flow’ and nowadays works with 1gnition who had that track out with Ali Love. He’s a genius space cadet nerd-master.

DD: What track did you both play last?
Mark: Oh dear… ‘Theme From S’Express’ (King Roc Remix). Promoters often make me play that so I’ll sometimes end with it. One promoter refused to pay me unless I played it!
Jerry: What? That's madness! Saying this The Stones still play ‘Satisfaction’. That's why you should never release a record you're not 100% behind because you never know which one will work, and then you're stuck with it forever ha ha... The last record I played is our JBAG re-edit of Phoenix's new single ‘Lisztomania’ remixed by Classixx on Kitsuné.