See Peaches’ sensual, chill video for ‘How You Like My Cut’

Filipino dancer Eisa Jocson subverts gender with her performance of male exotic dancing in the latest visual from Peaches’ Rub

Following on from her gothic sex ritual visuals, swimming with vaginas and the freaky iPhone-shot “Sick in the Head”, the enimagtic, ever-awesome Peaches has dropped another video for a tune from her album Rub.

This time, we see a “more quiet, sensual Peaches video”, according to the Canadian artist herself. Eisa Jocson is the Filipino dancer fronting the video for “How You Like My Cut” – the first time Peaches hasn’t made an appearance in one of her visual projects. It’s sensual and beautifully androngynous – and though we aren’t involved in a riotous desert orgy or sparring with genitals, it’s still got that Peaches stamp for a thoughtful play on norms of gender and sexuality. It’s still very much a banger too.

“I first saw Eisa Jocson perform ‘Macho Dancer’ as a much longer and more involved piece for a dance festival in Berlin. Eisa recreates the male exotic dancing that happens in the Philippines only by Filipino men performed in nightclubs primarily for the enjoyment of women,” says Peaches. “I was struck by how androgynous and delicate this gender specific dance is interpreted.”

The artist is on the cusp of her UK tour, hitting up Glasgow on Friday.