Watch Peaches swim with vaginas in her latest video

The subversive singer celebrates big pussy pride in the NSFW ‘Vaginoplasty’

Peaches, the Patron Saint of a Grand Old Clit-flicking Good Time, has a noble tradition of raunchy, subversive, gender-warping music videos that give exactly zero fucks. And her latest carries on that legacy with glee.

The queer icon said her music video for “Vaginoplasty,” from 2015’s Rub, was her “version of a fun summertime video.” Inspired by the late “aquamusical” diva Esther Williams, it features synchronised swimmers forming labial and clitoral configurations, rubbing and flapping giant inflatable vaginas with vigour, and brandishing hairdryers dangerously close to the water. Cameos include Margaret Cho, scientist-turned-popstar Simonne Jones, and self-described “drag terrorist” Christeene, and it all takes place in a water park that looks like John Waters’ idea of Eden.

As the title suggests, the track celebrates big pussy pride, supports trans women who opt for gender-affirmation surgery, and instructs you to perform cunnilingus a la Mr. Snuffleupagus. Vagina-wig and pink merkin optional. Watch the video in full above.