Peaches drops freaky iPhone-shot ‘Sick in the Head’ video

The expressive queer artist leads a demonic rave in an inflatable tube for the next track off of 2015’s Rub

Adding to a decade-spanning musical opus that preaches pussy pride, gender subversion and queer excellence, Peaches has dropped a terrifying new video for her track “Sick in the Head”, and it’s been shot entirely on iPhone. 

The video for “Sick in the Head” sees the Canadian artist don blonde extensions, a black catsuit and demonic-looking facepaint to rave in an inflatable tube, which looks more like a sewer pipe.

The track features on 2015’s Rub, a killer album that also included “Vaginoplasty”, a raunchy track with a video celebrating genitals, trans women and the vagina just as it is.

“Made with my visual collaborator Fubbi Karlsson, this​ entire​ video was shot on my iPhone” says Peaches. “The tube ​that ​I dance in is inflatable ​(you can see it in action at the live shows). ​It ​only has a tiny hole at the end so ​the iPhone lens​ was the only ​one that fit. There is so much movement happening when I'm inside the tube but the camera actually never moves. The whole video was made with a cast and crew of 4 people including myself​.”

Earlier this year, the singer dropped Rub Remixed, an all-female produced album made with artists like Paula Temple and JD Samson.

Watch the freaky video above.