Watch Justice’s real-time visual for ‘Randy’

The Parisian electro duo hook up a bunch of TVs from the 80s and spell out the story of their new single

Justice are coming back with their first album in five years. Woman, out November 18, is a joyful pop record that sees the French electronic duo tackle straight-up disco (as heard on lead single “Safe and Sound”), driving hi-NRG (“Alakazam!”), and baroque electro-funk (“Heavy Metal”). One of its highlights is latest single “Randy”, which has been given a new video by artist Thomas Jumin.

Jumin’s visual is a play on the lyric video format, displaying the track’s lyrics alongside footage of Justice playing the song’s instruments and, strangely, footage of the natural world – waterfalls, lions, volcanoes, flamingos, and so on. What’s most impressive is that the video was filmed live – what you see on-screen is what happened in real time.

“The idea for this screen installation came from an inclination for an aesthetic in live show lighting that’s both powerful and minimalistic,” Jumin explains over email, “The object itself, the CRT Trinitron by Sony, is iconic for people of a certain generation for its design and for the specific rendering of the image. The idea is to build an installation made of 25 screens from 1987 and to use them with video controllers and analogue converters. We will be simply filming it like one would film an art installation, so as to retain the objects’ authority and repetitive simplicity.”

As Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay explains, a clue to understanding Woman’s music is in its artwork. Designed by returning collaborator Charlotte Delarue, it depicts Justice’s iconic cross logo with an oily splash of colour over its stony exterior. “The way most people interpreted it is that it’s a stain of colour on something cold and metal,” Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay tells us, “Something very fluid on something solid. Most of the music on this album has very fluid and human elements, while the core of the track is very precise and metronomical – sometimes very cold and very digital, and sometimes not.”

You can watch the video for “Randy” above, and read our new profile on Justice, where they dig deep into the genesis of the album, their approach to celebrity, and the meaning behind Woman’s title.