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Bored Frank Ocean fans have now recorded their own album

The 32-track compilation, titled ‘Boys Do Cry’, was made by a Reddit user this week

It’s been a bitter month for Frank Ocean fans. After a four-year wait for his Channel Orange follow-up, hopes were shattered again last Friday when the album – apparently titled Boys Don’t Cry – failed to get released. Despite an elaborate live stream setup and a ‘reliable’ New York Times report, the record failed to appear on Apple Music; leaving followers furious, and Reddit threads overflowing with conspiracy theories.

Fortunately, Ocean fans are refusing to let the relentless disappointment destroy their own creativity. In fact, after hearing about the album’s postponement last week, Reddit user ‘JJ from Apple’ decided to take matters into his own hands; recording and uploading his very own version to Soundcloud.

The 32-track compilation, titled Boys Do Cry, consists of heartbroken ballads, parodies, and diss tracks, all aimed at the enigmatic star. It also contains – for unknown reasons – lots of references to slain gorilla Harambe, some questionably violent segues, and some very lo-fi cover versions. “What do you think my brain was made for?” JJ croons in “Pink Matter”. “Is it… just to watch a live stream? Of a maaan who cuts wood.”

Listen to the full compilation below, or check out the full Frank Ocean subreddit here: 

(H/T Pigeons And Planes)