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Frank Ocean shares mysterious live stream ahead of new album

The elusive R&B singer has updated his website to include a stream of an empty room, suggesting that long-awaited new album Boys Don’t Cry is finally imminent

Just over a month ago, Frank Ocean revealed that his long, long-awaited new album Boys Don’t Cry could be landing in July. It’s August 1, and no album has materialised – but earlier, Ocean updated his website with a mysterious livestream.

The stream, hosted by Apple Music, began shortly after 8.30am (BST) and shows little more than an empty room, shot in black and white, with two desks in it. It might not be much, but it suggests that new music is definitely imminent. The video is hosted on a new tab that’s been added to Ocean’s titled ‘Endless’.

Furthermore, internet sleuths have found a new picture of Ocean embedded in the website’s source code, and noticed that the link is part of a playlist titled champaign.m3u8, suggesting “Champaign” could be a title of a new song.

You can watch the livestream at Ocean’s website, but the site is currently so busy that it might not load.

Update: As fan account Frank Ocean Daily have discovered, the stream is in fact a loop of a video art project by Francisco Soriano, director of Ocean’s “Lost” video, who on Instagram has tagged the location as Apple’s California headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop.

Update (2.15pm)There’s been a new update to the livestream. There’s now footage of someone (Frank?) cutting some wood, and there is reportedly music playing – although we’re still having problems getting the stream to load.

Update (2.35pm): Earlier, some ambient sounds played over the stream. Now some quite gorgeous orchestral music is playing.