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Frank Ocean’s new album might be coming this month

After years of waiting, the R&B singer appears to confirm the release date of his new album in a new post on his website – ‘July 2016’

Is Frank Ocean’s new album finally approaching?

This morning (July 2nd), the R&B singer updated his website to display an image of a library card with the words “Date Due”, as The FADER report. 

There are a lot of stamps for past dates – after all, Ocean’s record is definitely overdue – but most importantly there are two future dates marked in: the most obvious is July 2016, but there’s also a slightly obscured date for November 13th 2016 listed too.

The bottom of the card reads “BOYS DON’T CRY” – rumoured to be either the title of his new album, or the title of a magazine Ocean is launching, or both. Either way, this is mindblowingly exciting.

Check out the post below, and remind yourself about what to expect from Ocean’s new album.