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Black Lake Bjork still
Black Lake was commissioned by The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Watch Björk behind the scenes on her ‘Black Lake’ video

A new documentary explains the technological wizardry behind the star’s three-day shoot in Iceland for the MoMA-commissioned project

It’s difficult to find words to talk about heartbreak, let alone to represent it visually – which is why Björk’s video for “Black Lake” touched so many when it was released in 2015. The video, which was shot in Iceland over three days by Andrew Thomas Huang, with the help of visual effects studio Wolf & Crow, depicted Björk crouched in a womb-like Icelandic cave, slowly fighting her way through the blackness to rejoin the world outside. This is proper heartbreak music: Björk wrote the album Vulnicura, from which “Black Lake” was taken, after the breakdown of her relationship with artist Matthew Barney. The ten-minute music video was premiered at Björk’s 2015 retrospective at the MoMA, and shown in a specially commissioned screening room.

Now, for the first time, Björk fans can watch a documentary about the making of “Black Lake”. The film, which premiered on The Creators Project, depicts the incredible technical skill that went into the visual effects for “Black Lake”. It also features the amazing line, “we did a lot of Icelandic fungal research”. Speaking to The Creators Project, Björk said that watching “Black Lake” was “so physical it makes my insides rumble”. Check the documentary out below, and then go back and re-watch “Black Lake”.