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Kanye West

Kanye West slams Wiz Khalifa in an incredible Twitter rant

‘Maybe I couldn’t be skinny and tall but I’ll settle for being the greatest artist of all time as a consolation’

Kanye West has hit back at Wiz Khalifa in an explosive Twitter rant this evening – calling the rapper “corny as fuck”, and accusing him of getting “trapped” by ex-girlfriend Amber Rose.

The 26-tweet-long attack comes just after Khalifa tore into West for re-naming his new album Waves, implying that he was ripping off imprisoned rapper Max B. “Please don't take the wave,” Wiz wrote, after hearing about the change earlier this morning. “Max B is the wavy one. He created the wave. There is no wave without him. He's the reason I sing on all my songs. That's the wave. If theres nothing wit that sound ITS NOT WAVY.”

West, who is set to release his new record on February 11, has been particularly hyped about his new album – so didn’t respond to Khalifa’s claims until earlier this evening. In a now deleted series of kind of funny / definitely weird tweets, the “All Day” rapper defended his choices.

“Oh n**gas must think I'm not petty cause I'm the best that’s made music,” he retaliated. “Bro first of all you stole your whole shit from Cudi. Second, your first single was corny as fuck and most there after. 3rd no one I know has ever listened to one of your albums all the way through.”

“You have distracted from my creative process,” Kanye then added, before getting preoccupied by a picture of Khalifa’s pants. “I went to look at your twitter and you were wearing cool pants. I screen grabbed those pants and sent it to my style team #Wizwearscoolpants”.

Kanye went on to needlessly target Amber Rose (and bizarrely the child she has with Wiz Khalifa), who is nothing to do with this beyond having been romantically involved with both men. Referencing her previous career as a stripper, the rapper then attempted to slut-shame Rose with several malicious tweets. “You let a stripper trap you,” he wrote. “I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years... You wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for me. You own waves???? I own your child!!!!”

It was the pointless usage of a woman to try and make a pointless point, a playground ritual akin to “I kissed her first”. It’s not the first time Rose has been slut-shamed by West. While hosting a “Slut Walk” back in October last year, the activist broke down in tears when recalling some of the nastier things she had been called by the rapper. She went to say that she had “forgiven” both West and Khalifa for any disrespectful comments they had made.

Oh and by the way – solidarity with strippers and sex workers always, if anyone was wondering. 

See the rest of Kanye’s tweets below:

Khalifa did eventually respond, but only to correct the rapper over his definition of the word “KK” – which Kanye mistook to mean Kim Kardashian. “KK is weed fool,” Khalifa wrote. “Reason's why your not wavy. Go bacc to Swish... I been smashed the idea of that album even existing. I got joints to roll.”

West has since deleted all the tweets, in a bid to spread “positive energy” and “blessings”. “What’s sad is I love Wiz and I love all my brothers and all people,” West concluded. “I love the world bottom line and all I want is peace and positive energy.”

“I’m happy that I now know that KK means weed. Please excuse the confusion … now back to #WAVES”, he added.

Amber has since retaliated to West’s dig with seriously scandalous tweets of her own. See below: