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Premiere: Dai Burger is back with her attitude-packed new EP

The NYC rapper kicks off the party with this colourful collection of club-rap, R&B anthems

We’ve been obsessed with Dai Burger ever since the turn of the decade, when she strutted out of the underground like New York’s, high-heeled answer to Missy Elliott with a $300 budget and a fire-spitting mixtape ready-to-go. With her fierce, charismatic flow and brash, colour-soaked aesthetic, the rapper from Queens is like the girl you want to party with, but wouldn’t want to mess with.

Now, Dai has teamed up with Rinse for a fourth mixtape, the self-titled Dai Burger. Crammed with throwback R&B jams and club-rap anthems, the mixtape shows a swerve in direction, but still pinned together with her sharp-witted, heavy-hitting style. “I’ve learned to never question my artistry,” the rapper told Dazed. “Rarely do I alter my lyrics or tweak songs to points of no return. I follow my first instincts. And now with the help of my team, I'm sharper than ever. After three self-driven, ground-breaking mixtapes, I've come to the realization that my artistry has not changed along the way. In fact, I've regressed to whom I've always been, since Dai 1. All leading up to who I am today.”

Listen to the mixtape below, and scroll down to read Dai Burger’s notes on each track:

“Lil dance”

“This track embodies that feeling you get when you're getting ready for the club and feeling yourself. It's the anthem to snagging a cutie of your choice for the night.”

“Class President”

“Class President is a play by play on how to school the masses on being this fly. Take notes.”

“Dai 1”

“Dai 1 is to remind all your exes you're the one that got away. . . . And they'll always regret that.”


“When you do love, make sure you love hard. Be that Ride or Die and hold yours down for life, no matter how crazy that mofo is.”

The EP features production from grime luminary Darq E Freaker and its executive producer is Chicken