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grace jones on a honda scooter
The inimitable Grace Jones on Honda’s 80s scooters

Watch Grace Jones bite Adam Ant’s ear and sell scooters

This bizarre 80s commercial put two of pop’s most outrageous innovators in a room to discuss the merits of Honda’s latest ride

Back in the 80s, pop goddess Grace Jones appeared in a series of television commercials for the Japanese car manufacturer Honda, helping them to publicise their new (pretty sick looking) range of scooters. As with any project Jones puts her name to, there’s a clear element of the theatrical and the surreal. One 1986 ad opens with an infirmary full of babies before Jones appears, backed by an ominous synth drone, snaps a rattle in half and informs the viewer that the choices you make in life are all yours, while sat on a podium on a bright red scooter.

Earlier on in the decade she appeared in an ad for the same company accompanied by 80s new wave pin up Adam Ant. Typically, Jones runs the show, dominating a wilfully reticent Ant, trying to convince him to take a ride on the scooter despite his protestations that he can’t even drive. "It’s quick!" says Jones. "It’s fun, it's sexy!" He eventually relents, at which point she bites his ear really fucking hard.

Watch below.