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ArcaJai Odell

Arca releases first track from Mutant

‘Soichiro’ is the introductory offering from the Venezuelan producer’s hotly anticipated second full-length LP

Alejandro Ghersi, more commonly known as Arca, has released the first track from his second album Mutant, due out in the next couple of months. The producer announced "Soichiro" via his Twitter account last night, with "Soichiro" said to be Jesse Kanda’s – the musician’s best friend and longtime artistic collaborator – middle name.

The track bears all the hallmarks of Arca’s idiosyncratic universe – cascading synths and metallic bass, while the video focusses on a topless Arca shadowed by a murky blue neon light before descending into total blackness. All elements combine to create the chaotic melancholy that has become the producer’s calling card.

Watch the video below and read our full length interview with Arca here.