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Kanye Steve McQueen
Kanye West and Steve McQueen

Kanye and Steve McQueen film to be shown in LA gallery

Shot in a Southeast London dockyard, the video follows the rapper in one single take as he runs away from an unknown enemy

Kanye West and Steve McQueen are to exhibit the video for “All Day/I Feel Like That” for four days in an LA art gallery. The 12 Years A Slave director has enjoyed a public, mutual love-in with Yeezy over the past couple of years. In January 2014, the duo had a conversation for Interview, and they also collaborated in 2013 when West performed “Blood On The Leaves” in front of an image designed by McQueen called “Lynching Tree”, a photograph of a tree that was once a gallows for slaves.

While not widely available online, the “All Day/I Feel Like that” video was shown in March at Paris Fashion Week and a bootleg recording exists from when it was shown at Fondation Louis Vuitton. McQueen has reportedly given Los Angeles County Museum of Art the exclusive after having to pull out of a talk the gallery had booked him for.

“All Day/I Feel Like That” was filmed in a single 9-minute take at Chatham dockyard in Kent, famous as the place where Nelson’s HMS Victory was built, since converted into a maritime museum and regularly used for filming by many production companies on account of its high number of spacious, historic buildings.

According to the New York Times, the video features West being chased through a warehouse by the camera, frantically attempting to escape an unknown pursuer, and ends with him leant against a wall catching his breath.

Kanye suffered a blow recently when his much-anticipated record SWISH was reportedly leaked by somebody who recorded it on their phone outside the studio and posted it on Reddit along with a prospective tracklist.