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BBHMM game
via NSS mag

Play Rihanna’s BBHMM game now

You remember the really addictive Nokia game ‘Snake’? Yeah, it’s basically that

Rihanna’s video for BBHMM spawned a thousand thinkpieces, was met with shock and delight in equal measure and led us to track down her amazing sidekick, while also finding time to analyse all the great outfits and cult film references. So it was only a matter of time before BBHMM: The Desktop Game arrived. Thanks to NSS magazine, you can now take charge of a tiny, pixellated version of Rihanna and collect all that cold hard cash that she really really wants (and you’d better have).

Enter your name on a massive dollar bill and then run around as Rihanna cackling as you pick up money and bags of loot, soundtracked by a video game version of BBHMM.

This isn’t the first time that cultural happenings have been instantly "gameified". Earlier this month, developers at NYU created a pastel coloured game based on the Grand Budapest Hotel. You can also get a bit more rough around the edges with games based on the controversial crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and relive New York’s grimiest music scene with the No Wave game. 

If taking hard drugs, looting and picking up girls are all a bit too hardcore for you (even in the virtual realm), you can take a visit back to high school with the Mean Girls game. To be honest, this Rihanna-inspired effort is just a great excuse to get retro and reignite our addiction to Snake. We know what we’re doing on our lunch hour. Join us here.