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Grimes’ comic book covervia pitchfork

Grimes has designed a comic book cover

The Canadian star has made an alternative cover for the 14th issue of The Wicked + The Divine – which other musicians have stepped into the world of comics?

Grimes: proficient hawk-tamer, producer, video director and now, illustrator, as proved by her most recent artistic offering. She’s designed an alternative cover for comic The Wicked + The Divine, a book written by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie based on gods being sent down to Earth and reincarnated as pop stars, something we can imagine may have happened to ethereal Grimes (see below).

She isn’t the only musician to have waded into the world of comic books – we take a look at other artists who have traded their guitars for graphic novels.


She didn't draw the pictures for this manga comic (that was Yazawa Ai and Kujirady Misaho), but the singer did design the character – a young, amnesiac alien called Princess Ai, who becomes a rockstar. Love provided the plot and a few character designs, with the writing done by TokyoPop CEO Stuart Levy under his pen name DJ Milky. The protagonist’s life is pretty similar to hers, except the whole living in Tokyo and being an alien amnesiac thing. 


Ghostface Killah has always been a bit of a nerd; he called his first album Ironman, draws on influences from kung fu movies and even appeared in a deleted scene from the first Iron Man film. In December 2014 he released his album 36 Seasons along with a 24-page comic book.  36 Seasons is all about Ghostface returning to his hometown, Staten Island, after 36 seasons (9 years), and his adventures when he gets there. 


Dresden Dolls frontwoman Palmer created a comic called Evelyn Evelyn, along with one called Dark Horse, to go with her album of the same name. The story is about a pair of conjoined twins called Evelyn and Evelyn and details their upbringing on a chicken farm, alongside their shocking encounters with depraved gentlemen”. Palmer wrote it in collaboration with musician Jason Webley and Cynthia von Buhler provided the illustrations.


The Run–D.M.C musician now has his own comic publishing house, called Darryl Makes Comics. McDaniels had a passion for comics growing up, and has written his first comic, DMC #1 in collaboration with a number of artists, listed here. It’s set in 1985 in NYC, and a hero named DMC is in action defending the city’s marginalised citizens against super villain and super hero alike.


The director and musician is one of the few on this list who actually drew the comic attributed to him. The Angriest Dog In The World is a comic strip that ran from 1983-1992 in a few alternative press newspapers. Every strip featured the same graphics (of an angry dog), with only the words changed.