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The Wiley Graduate Centre, anyone?via

Students want to name London university building after Wiley

The Wiley Graduate Centre? Sounds good to us

Wiley, arguably the king of grime and a man of undisputably good value on Twitter, is the subject of a student petition to honour him and his legacy at Queen Mary University in East London. More specifically, they want to name a school building the Wiley Graduate Centre. Students Susanna Mollah and Navaid Ghouri say they want to inspire kids in Bow, where Wiley grew up.

On their campaign page, they write: "Wiley has put his heart and soul into what he believes in, and his passion is evident in the quality of the music he has produced and still continues to make. We want the local students to see the Wiley Graduate Centre and believe that they can create their futures by working hard, just as Wiley did."

More than 277 people have signed the petition. The university seem keen on the idea, albeit also completely unsure who Wiley is.

This isn't the first campaign that has attempted to honour Wiley. In 2013, JME's sister attempted to get a statue of the man himself built at Mile End Park on Roman Road in Bow. As of yet it hasn't happened, but the "Wiley Graduate Centre" is possibly a more tangible dream.

You can sign the petition here

(h/t FACT)