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Get that money, Rihanna

Rihanna wins lengthy court battle against Topshop

The store used a ‘We Found Love’ shot of the singer on a t-shirt without her permission

Are you using a picture of Rihanna without her permission? Expect to feel the full weight of the law. The pop star has just won a protracted court battle with Topshop over the unauthorised use of her image.

In 2013, the retailer printed a t-shirt with a photograph of the pop star snapped during the filming of the "We Found Love" music video. Rihanna sued Topshop for a cool $5 million (£3.3m), claiming that her fans might be duped into believing that she had endorsed the tank top.  

An earlier court hearing ruled in her favour in July 2013, but Topshop appealed against the verdict. The legal tussle has been ongoing and very expensive for both parties; according to one source, Rihanna has spent well over $1 million on the case. (And that was in May 2013.)

Today, the Court of Appeal dismissed Topshop's appeal and upheld a ban on the store selling the t-shirt. 

Rihanna has already signed up to several lucrative collaborations with high street labels including River Island. Her last big move in fashion was to sign up as creative director of Puma

But if you want to wear a picture of Rihanna from "We Found Love", you're shit out of luck. The closest you'll get is watching the actual music video: