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Micachu Mica Levi Dazed
Micachu (Mica Levi) for Dazed Spring 2014

Micachu earns BAFTA nomination for Under the Skin soundtrack

Mica Levi is up for her first ever film award after Glazer handpicked her to work on the score

Mica Levi – also known as Micachu – has landed a BAFTA nomination for her soundtrack work on Under the Skin. This is Levi's first ever BAFTA nod, which is made all the more extraordinary because the musician had never scored a film prior to Jonathan Glazer's movie. 

"Writing music for something else isn’t something I've done before," she told Dazed in an interview last year. "That's why they asked me, basically. I'm a novice."

Under the Skin follows Scarlett Johansson as a solitary alien who preys on lonely Glaswegian men, luring them back to her flat so she can harvest their organs in an eerie all-black swamp (the film was also our top movie of 2014, FYI). 

Levi is competing against Antonio Sánchez (Birdman), Jóhann Jóhannsson (The Theory of Everything), Alexandre Desplat (The Grand Budapest Hotel) and Hans Zimmer (Interstellar). 

Under the Skin is also up for an award in the Outstanding British Film category. The BAFTA Awards take place on February 8 at the Royal Opera House. You can see the full list of nominations on the BAFTA website.

Levi is also responsible for what is perhaps the greatest photobomb of Scarlett Johansson in history, which you can view here.

Listen to "Love", a track from the Under the Skin soundtrack below: