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We Are Shining deliver three exclusive mixes for Xmas

Sack off the Christmas carols as the duo deliver a holy trinity of soul-filled mixes for your aural pleasure

This year, Dazed 100’s We Are Shining are Dazed’s answer to Santa Claus. To celebrate the festive season, the band – two of London's most legendary crate-diggers – have made not one, not two, but three half hour mixes to make your Christmas that little bit more magical.

In stride with the Christmas spirit, they’ve broken in to the supreme being for this trio. Named “Seraphim”, “Cherubim” and “Unholy Soul”, call this holy trinity your required listening during the silly season. Packed full of psych jams, space funk and soul (religous and otherwise). Solace for the solstice, and lovers' rock for under the misteltoe. 

You can see what their heads look like on Christmas Eve in this Beats video we made with other Dazed 100 stars, and play the mixes to hear their sounds.

What was the inspiration behind this trilogy of mixes?

Acyde: I used to do Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh years ago and this a continuation on that. It’s not religious at all – but a lot of the music is rooted in deep vibes and melancholy spirits.

When would be the most appropriate time to play this mix?

Acyde: When all the rabble is over. When the real drinking starts, all the way into the hangover.

Which member of the family will enjoy this mix the most?

Acyde: Music is for all. But I think newborns will dig it because the fx and delays are way overboard.

Where can we hear more of the same?

Acyde: Support your local independent record store or go to iTunes. Don't just Shazam and sit on Spotify.

For all tracklists, visit Dazed’s SoundCloud