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Rosie Lowe, Dazed x Beats
Photography by Alec McLeish, styling by Elizabeth Fraser-Bell, illustration by Liana Sophia Ever

Rosie Lowe on the females who will kickass in 2015

The London music star selects her favourite emerging talent, from the worlds of fashion, music and art

Future-soul singer and Dazed 100 star Rosie Lowe will stop at no lengths to make sure her exploratory vision is fulfilled. Learning how to deep sea dive for her aqua-fantastic music video “Water Came Down”, there’s an equally fearless edge attached to her approach to making music. Working with everyone from The Invisible’s Dave Okumu to Florence + the Machine and Adele producer Paul Epworth, the star’s sound is sultry but tough – and soon to be everywhere. While Lowe’s definitely at the top our list of women to watch for next year, who is she tipping for big things in 2015?


She’s an incredible jewellery designer based in London. I was always drooling over her stuff on Instagram and then last year she contacted me. I had some ideas for some bespoke jewellery I wanted made for shows. She made me a very simple necklace which sits on the collarbone, which I think is the sexiest part of the body. We became very good friends and now I wear her stuff every day – if I don’t wear her rings I feel very bare! Her jewellery’s very simple and timeless and her attention to detail never ceases to amaze me. She designs and makes it all in her studio in Hackney. Her process of making is not dissimilar to mine.


She’s a singer and also a close friend of mine. I’ve had the privilege of hearing some of the music she’ll be releasing in 2015 and it is beyond phenomenal. It’s very soulful and very vocal based, and has definitely got a hip-hop element. The songwriting is amazing – that makes my ears prick up, because I love production, I love good voices but there’s so many out there, so the thing for me that separates one artist from another is how good the songs are. Hers are unbelievably honest. Giles Peterson played her a lot a few years ago, but this is a new project.


She’s an amazing London based illustrator who specialises in dip pen and ink art. Her work’s got a very traditional feel, but it’s very modern and current as well. I love that very particular space between the two and it’s something I’m always searching for in my music. She’s very inspired by medieval and classical Flemish art. I met her through an ex-boyfriend about six years ago but hadn’t seen her art under earlier this year and I was blown away. It’d be a dream to work with her.


Stephanie’s in fashion and six years ago she set up a social enterprise called NearFar, a sustainable fashion label based in Sierra Leone. She went out there and lived there for years and trained up tailors. She has very strong beliefs about ethical fashion, and continually brings that into whatever she’s doing. She also co-founded a company called Gather&See, which is an online boutique that sells ethical brands from around the world. The clothing is picked out beautifully and you know that whatever you get from there is well made, and is made in a way which isn’t harming people.


She is continually an inspiration. She’s got very strong political views and very strong morals, and she puts that into her work. It shows that it is possible to do that and it doesn’t limit you. I wear her slogan shirts most days. They look incredible but they’re actually saying something. I’m wearing an archive one a lot at the moment, one of her anti-slavery ones and ‘No More Fashion Victims’ which was about the Bangladeshi factory collapse in 2013. There’s also a ‘Kids Company’ one that I wear. It means a lot to be able to support these amazing charities and know that the money goes back to them.