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Yes Moments: Dave Okumu

The producer / guitarist describes his affirmative action

Dave Okumu is known for his work as a singer and guitarist with his band The Invisible. Okumu has gone on to produce Jessie Ware's album Devotion. Okumu, with The Invisible, have toured internationally, and it was during a show in Lagos, Nigeria, this summer that Okumu suffered an accidental but severe electric shock onstage. Looking forward to the New Year and inspired by the Converse Boots' Yes campaign, we asked Dave what he sees as his career's turning point.

Dave Okumu: There have been many deeply significant turning points in my creative life but the most recent was accepting the invitation to produce Jessie Ware's debut album 'Devotion'. We had already been working together for a few months and moving into that role felt like a natural progression from the trust and understanding we had begun to build. Like all the best choices I have made in life, it came from a position of love, inspiration and clarity. By trusting me enough to reveal herself to me, Jessie had filled me with a kind of unequivocal, mutual conviction. A door was opened that has allowed me to move into new and exciting areas whilst maintaining a thread to all that has gone before. Thanks Jessie!

Photography Bafic