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Fusing romantic songwriting with a lethal experimental edge, 24-year-old Lowe conquered her fear of being underwater in learning to dive this year for her “Water Came Down” video. Expect the south London singer-songwriter’s debut album to have a similarly exploratory edge when it’s released next year on Paul Epworth’s Wolf Tone label. While you wait, check out an exclusive double whammy from Lowe – her intimate “How’d You Like it” video (dir. WeAreUs) binds a nude couple in reflective yarn; and, below, an emotive mix featuring Little Dragon, Miguel and Ibeyi.

What’s your favourite movie of 2014?

Rosie Lowe: True Detective – not strictly a movie, but it was the best thing I watched all year.

How do you think style and pop culture will change in 2015?

Rosie Lowe: 2014 has been all about the 90s… I predict rock music and guitar bands are going to come back in a big way in 2015 – I’m going to be dusting off my leather jacket.

What’s the most exciting thing about the music/film/fashion industry today?

Rosie Lowe: It’s exciting that talented people in these industries are standing up for what they believe in, whether that be Emma Watson for HeForShe or Leonardo DiCaprio for Climate Change. I think it’s great that artists can use their positions to create awareness for really important issues.

Who’s an unsung cultural hero that you discovered this year?

Rosie Lowe: Carol Kaye, one of the most prolific and widely heard bass players in history. Name a song, I bet she played on it!

What’s the most surprising thing we’d find out if we looked at your phone?

Rosie Lowe: My obsession with writing to-do lists.

Who should have been at number one on the Dazed 100?

Rosie Lowe: I’d have to pick the incredible Jacob Hopewell, who directed the video for “Water Came Down”. He has a deep understanding of music and the narrative of song, which he uses alongside his beautiful visuals to make something really special.

Twitter: @rosielowemusic | Instagram: @rosielowemusic

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