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FKA Twigs wearing Google Glass
FKA twigs wearing Google Glass

FKA twigs directs and stars in arty Google Glass film

OK Glass, show me how to krump

In one of the more unexpected music-meets-tech collaborations we've seen this year, FKA twigs has dropped #throughglass, a high-concept dance video she directed for Google Glass. The short film features altered versions of "Video Girl" from her debut album LP1 and "Glass & Patron". 

#throughglass sees FKA twigs donning the technology to look up and learn a voguing routine, before krumpers and gymnasts appear out of nowhere to  join in. There's even a shoutout to Dominant from Wet Wipez, her favourite dance crew in London, when FKA twigs uses Glass to google "dominant krumping". 

Twigs tweeted a call-out for gymnasts in September, so we can only assume this video was a month in the making. Either way, this is probably the coolest Google Glass has ever looked (to be fair, that isn't exactly tough given its troubled history). 

Watch the full video below: