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10 of the most exciting musical art shows right now

From James Hoff's audible computer viruses to Haroon Mirza's industrial Factory Floor collab

Why choose between your creative mediums when you can have both? The ‘Top Ten Artistic Musician and Musical Artists’ we did a few months back was just the icing on a very creative cake. Here are ten new music art projects that have just been released, are about to pop or are in the pipeline.


Atkins’ Ribbons 2014 is a limited edition artwork but in 12” form. The double vinyl, published by art-music specialists Vinyl Factory, collects the audio from Atkins’ Serpentine installation as well as a live reading of his poetic free form text. A perfect way to dissect his unique approach to sound with a touch of Bach and Randy Newman for good measure.


Record covers were always the classic way for artists and musicians to get into bed together. New York painter has just created a textured impasto work as the cover for Danish artist Kasper Bjørke’s forthcoming album After Forever. A detail is on the front, while the whole is revealed when you open the work alongside the marbled grey vinyl.


Perry’s MA show this year at the Royal Academy included a wall of vibrating mirrors that shook in time with music she made and heard on headphones. Her event Horoscopes (Déjà Vu) on September 12 at the Serpentine Gallery Pavillon include music from Mica Levi (Micachu) and choreography from Holly Blakey.


Hoff, known as an artist and one of the driving forces behind independent art publisher Primary Information, has just released a fascinating vinyl LP document Blaster exploring how computer viruses can create and effect audio composition. As he states, “Viruses, like art, need a host. Preferably a popular one."


Chicago-based artist is taking what he calls his “Negro Monastic” group The Black Monks of Mississippi to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Porto this month for a performative retreat residency. 19 public and private sessions involving concerts, lectures, readings, audio-visual recordings, exercises with musical instruments and moments of contemplation.

September 7-18


Ever-interested in pushing technological boundaries, Marshmallow Laser Feast have made a music video for band Duologue made with photogrammetry. The aim is to port it to virtual reality so people can view it on things like the Oculus Rift and other installation environments and 360º full domes.


Mirza is the king of this crossover – from his use of defunct high-fi equipment and sound experiemnets to make sculptures and installations to an incredible summer art-music project in Stromboli Forget Amnesia. He is working on tracks for a Factory Floor album project out next year. Watch this space.


For those of us who sadly failed to go to Venice to catch the Fondazione Prada’s incredible exhibition on the intersection between art and sound, there is now a massive fat yellow catalogue of the show. From experimental 19th century instruments to surrealist objects to 20th century noise, this is an exceptional document.


Dutch future designer and interactive artist Joost Korngold aka Renascent has worked with fashion brands like Viktor and Rolf and Iris van Herpen and made videos for Underworld. His latest project is a yet to be released personal music video piece that showcases his unique approach to fluid, three dimensional, digital animation forms.


Kendrick Lamar video appearances aside, Peake’s practise has always had a strong music and performance element drawing on everything from London pirate radio. He has launched his own record label HYMN (again in collaboration with Vinyl Factory). The first release in July was from Jungle veteran Gwilym Gold