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The Aphex Twin blimp hovering over Oval Space@fluorescentgrey via Twitter

Aphex Twin teases return with giant London blimp

Update: Richard D. James announces his comeback with a tracklisting on the deep web

It's a sight that is bound to delight Aphex Twin devotees across the world: an Aphex Twin blimp bearing the word "2014", hovering in the London sky. The Aphex aircraft was spotted in the sky above the Oval Space venue in East London and set tongues wagging – is the Cornish auteur going to release a new album this year?

UPDATE: The eyes in the sky were right. This afternoon, the official Twitter account for Aphex Twin tweeted this darknet URL. You can only access it if you download Tor – but once you do, you'll find some text that suggests the new album will be titled SYRO, and what appears to be a tracklisting of 12 songs. No release date yet, but maybe it's hidden even further in the deep web.

It's not just in London that signs have been appearing. This weekend, the famous Aphex Twin insignia also appeared graffitied on walls in New York.

There has been no comment from Aphex Twin himself or his label Warp Records, but the signs are good. If the godfather of acid-drenched electronica was to release new music, it'd be his first record since 2001's Drukqs, his seminal 30-track journey through violent beats and ambient piano interludes.

Just a couple of months ago, the "long-lost" 1994 album Caustic Window resurfaced and caused a stir online when it was listed on Discogs for £13,500. But otherwise, the world still waits for Richard D. James' first offering of new music in thirteen years.

In the words of the man himself, "Come on you cunt, let's have some Aphex acid!"